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Beyond Remote Support

Beyond Remote Support

Invite customers to a remote support session via e-mail, Instant Messaging, or from a link posted on your website, then take control of your customer's computer in seconds when they click on the link generated by Beyond Remote Support.  BR Support works through firewalls and even the most robust networks.

BR Support costs only $99/yr/user, this includes all product updates and the subscription to our web services which makes it all work!



Beyond Remote Control Software for Network Management

Beyond Remote Control Software For Network Support

Use the Beyond Remote Console manage your entire network of computers.  You can use either a master password or integrated NT Authentication.  Plus, setting up your network has never been easier, use the Host Auto-Discovery feature to find and automatically set up your network in the Beyond Remote Console in minutes.

Supported operating systems are: Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP

Gain remote access to your office PC from home, manage your home network, or travel with complete access to all your files, programs, e-mail and network. 

  • Download - Console Only Installation
    Version: - Released: 1/1/2008
    The console only download is used to connect to the host allowing you to view the remote host, transfer files, and chat features.  Free 30 Day Trial.
  • Download - Host Only Installation
    Version: - Released: 1/1/2008
    The host download is used when you want to control the computer it is installed on and have no need to view other computers.  Free 30 Day Trial.


Suntereo - Parental Control Software

Data Apples realized from the beginning that parents should decide what their children and family can view on the Internet. It doesn't make sense to trust a stranger to decide what our children can and can't view.
Suntereo is simple, 100% of web sites are blocked from the start. As the parent, you are able to surf the web with your child using a simple "Learning Mode" that is accessed directly from within your web browser. Sites viewed while in "Learning Mode" are added to the "Trusted Sites" list which can be edited by the parent with the correct password.  Once you have shown Suntereo which websites are "Trusted Sites", any family member can access them at any time.

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