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Can I make multiple copies of my contact lists?

Yes and No. Email Marketer will allow you to make multiple copies of a contact list using the Copy function under Contact Lists --> View Contact Lists. Unfortunately, this feature will only carry over custom field associations and other details, but will NOT copy over subscriber data.

The proper way to transfer subscriber data across multiple contact lists is by using the Import/Export from File functions. By default, export will only move active subscribers, so if you also want unsubscribed/bounced subscriber data to carry across to your new list, ensure you use the "Search for contacts to export from my contact list" option, and set Activity Status to "Any".

How to find unsubscribed contacts

To view the unsubscribed contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts -> Search Contacts in the menu,
  2. Choose "View specific contacts from within the selected lists below",
  3. Select the list you want and click Next, and
  4. Choose the Activity Status "Unsubscribed" and click Next.

You should now be presented with all of the unsubscribed contacts of the lists you selected. You can click 'Edit' for a contact and set their Activity Status to "Active" again.

There is no way to set the Activity Status of contacts en masse. Generally, there is a very good reason why a contact is labelled as unsubscribed or bounced, and changing this manually could result in your server being blacklisted.

How do I view a list of all Unsubscribed email accounts?

To view a list of all unsubscribed users you simply select 'Contacts->View Contacts' from the drop down menu in Campaign Studio.

Once you have done this you need to select the option 'Specific contacts from within the selected lists below' and either select a specific contact list to see the unsubscribed email accounts for a particular contact list or '--All Lists--' to view them from all contact lists.

The next page will then give you some filtering options. You need to change the 'Status' from 'Active' to 'Unsubscribed' and click 'Next'.

This will then show you a list of all unsubscribed email accounts from the list/s that you selected.

If I send the one email to multiple contact lists and someone unsubscribes, what contact list are they removed from?

They are unsubscribed from all contact lists that they are on that are also included in the send.

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