Is it possible to track opens/clicks?

When you send emails or autoresponders to users that receive HTML emails you can select the option to track opens. This will make Interspire Email Marketer receive data on what users opened what emails and at what time.

The track link clicks can be tracked for both HTML and Text emails. This will store data on what users clicked what links in what emails at what time.

These statistics are precise down to the minute.

"Open" and "Unique Open"

"Open" is the number of times your email campaign has been recorded open, an email can be opened multiple times, and it will be recorded multiple times.

While "Unique Open" only recorded once for each email.

Example: Contact A open his email 3 times, Contact B open her email 2 times, Contact C open her email 5 times.

Open = 10 Unique Open = 3

I don't see any open or link click statistics in my email campaign statistics. What's going on?

When you send an email campaign, make sure to select the options:

  • Track Opens and
  • Track Clicks.

If you don't have these two options selected when you send your email campaign, then your email campaign opens and link clicks will not be tracked.

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