Using the WYSIWYG Editor FAQ

How do I add an anchor to my emails?

To add an anchor to your email highlight the text that you wish to make the anchor and click the insert anchor button. Name the anchor and click ok.

Next highlight the text that you wish to make the link and click the insert link. Choose your anchor from the drop down, click ok, and you should be done.

What is the Paste from Word option?

There are 3 paste options:

1.   Paste. This is just the normal pasting option, it will paste whatever is in the clipboard.

2.   Paste As Plain-Text. This strips all HTML and code from what you're pasting, and just paste the text that was copied.

3.   Paste from Word. Microsoft word leaves behind some strange code when copying from it and pasting into any other application. The Paste from Word option removes this code so your resulting HTML is clean.

Can I create my own email campaigns or do I need to use an email template?

Campaign Studio lets you create email campaigns in various ways depending on how you work.

While Campaign Studio lets you create emails and email templates using the built in powerful WYSIWYG editor, you can also create them outside of Campaign Studio using a HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, GoLive, FrontPage etc. and upload it directly into Campaign Studio.

You can also link to a HTML web page anywhere on the web and Campaign Studio will retrieve that file and use it as your email.

All my emails are getting picked up as spam because they have a script tag in it. How can I fix that?

If the emails going out all have the following code in them:

<script charset="utf-8" id="injection_graph_func" src="chrome://skype_ff_toolbar_win/content/injection_graph_func.js">


Then that is a result of the skype toolbar mucking up the content that the wysiwyg. The easiest way to work around this is to disable the skype toolbar when using Campaign Studio.

If you are running Internet Explorer 7 you can follow these instructions rather then having to turn off your Skype tool bar.

These instructions are for Internet Explorer 7:

  • Click on the "Tools" menu, and select "Manage Add-Ons" -> "Enable or Disable Add-Ons".
  • Locate the add-on named "Skype add-on (mastermind)" (or similar) and select it.
  • Below the add-on list, click on the "Disable" option to disable this add-on.
  • Click ok, and close all Internet Explorer windows.

To test that this has been successful, locate a "Contact us" page on a website to see if Skype is still highlighting phone numbers.

How do I copy and paste in the wysiwyg in FireFox ?

1.   Type in about:config into the URL bar in your FireFox browser and press enter.

2.   Scroll down until you see the following option in the list "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" Double click that option and it will turn bold indicating that it is now on.

3.   Go back to your HTML editing control and refresh the screen. A popup security dialog window will appear. Select the "Remember this decision" option and click "Allow".

4.   Close all your FireFox browser windows and restart the browser.

You're HTML control should now have all the options enabled in FireFox.

The WYSIWYG Editor sometimes breaks my tables/columns/divs. Why?

The most common reason for this problem is because you have invalid HTML code.

Your HTML code cannot contain mismatching tags. The <table><tr><td><div> and other tags have to be opened and closed on the correct positions, as defined by the HTML standards. The HTML standards can be found on the W3C website.

If you are having problems with your HTML, you could try cleaning it up by using this HTML Tidy and then use the resulted cleaned code in your HTML file.

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