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Why does my CSS not appear correctly in Office 2007?

Microsoft have not included all CSS rendering capabilities in their latest release of Office.

If you would like to see what CSS tags you can use to make sure that your emails will look as intended in Microsoft Outlook 2007 please have a look at this list from Microsoft.

My Squirrel mail client shows my email with images as attachments. Why?

Squirrel mail is a TEXT email client so it will only show newsletters in text format. If you send a multi-part email which sends both a HTML and Text version of the email, only the text version will show up in Squirrel mail and the embedded images will be shown as attachments.

That is the default behaviour of all text email clients.

If you'd like to test your email in a text based email client, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird to emulate a text email client by:

View | Message Body As | Choose Plain Text

To switch back:

View | Message Body As | Original HTML

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